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Technical Support

IMA technical support services offer comprehensive quality support programs to ensure the successful implementation and seamless operation of your Radix application. The following services are available to customers and partners.

Radix Resources

For assistance at its most basic level, IMA has developed a troubleshooting tool to support users who are facing common and easily solved issues with their Radix application. This online resource provides a comprehensive listing of information that is likely to provide answers to more of your technical questions.

  • Login FAQ
  • Workflow FAQ
  • Search FAQ
  • System Requirements FAQ
  • Basic Features FAQ

Radix BTA

Designed to help you achieve results quickly and cost-effectively, a Radix Block Time Agreement (BTA) will address in-depth technical challenges by providing prepaid, one-on-one or in-person support. BTAs can be arranged anytime. Contact our sales department for more information.

Call Center

Basic support is available to all customers from 8am - 4pm (EST), Monday - Thursday. Closed Friday.

Training Support

Our hands-on, desk-side training approach gives employees, customers, vendors and partners the knowledge needed to successfully work with each organization's unique application of Radix. By providing feature segment and best practices information, organizations are quickly on their way to implementing electronic document management practices across business units, driving productivity and organizational efficiency to profitable levels.