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What Is Document Management?

Document management is the end to end process of managing the information that is created in document form within an organization. It involves the scanning, indexing, storage and retrieval of vital information and documents in an organized process that will meet all corporate and governmental security and privacy requirements while increasing the efficiency of your organization.

That's exactly what we do at Information Managers and Associates. We take customer information, organize and image it in accordance with their business requirements and make it available for them in various media formats to only the people who need to know. Working closely with our customers, we identify current manual file access practices to make the transition to electronic access as easy as possible.

Why Document Management

If you could prevent lost records, save storage space for core business activities, manage records, locate documents quickly and easily, would you?

The rapid advancement of technology and the advent of sharing electronic documents have increased the importance of capturing and managing the information companies depend on the most. Business documents are critical to the smooth and efficient functioning of and organizations most vital processes. That simple fact is not likely to change. In all industries, companies continue to rely on accurate, up-to-date documents that are easily accessible and securely distributed electronically to authorized workers, trading partners and associates everywhere, at any time. Information Managers and Associates offers a comprehensive document and records management solution that will meet your needs for security, access speed and cost effectiveness.