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About Information Managers & Associates

Since 1989, Information Managers and Associates has been providing full service document management services for various organizations. Envisioning a need for organizations to capture and manage information, Information Managers and Associates was one of the first to market and deploy document management products that provided access to electronic records over the internet. Since then, Information Managers and Associates has evolved into a records management ASP, providing a full line of document and data management services for all types of organizations. Our team of specialists assist companies with determining their specific needs and continue working closely with them to insure that their data and document goals and objectives are attained.

Information Managers and Associates offers several comprehensive, cost effective solutions providing its customers with complete management of critical business content through document imaging, indexing, digital storage, secure Internet access, physical storage and scan-on-demand services. Its capabilities extend to the whole enterprise, leaving nothing to chance when it comes to managing the information companies depend on the most.