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Document Services

Information Managers and Associates works closely with customers to identify manual file and access standards to make the transition to electronic access as fluid as possible. IMA professionals assist each customer in establishing a structure to dramatically reduce the time and labor of accessing business records. No one knows more about a document than the people who created it or who work closely with the information it contains. Our goal is simple: Electronically capture the document and data crucial to an organization's daily operations as quickly and accurately as possible, then deliver it the way they want it.

Scanning & Capture

With enhanced enterprise capabilities and expanded import and export features, IMA utilizes the industry's best solution for the most complex, high-volume document scanning processes.

Using leading-edge capture software and high-speed scanners, IMA extends its capabilities to provide imaging services across market boundaries, serving healthcare organizations, insurance and financial industries, education, manufacturing and other regulated industries like transportation and logistics firms.

IMA receives documents of any type, in any size and any format from scanning to data capture (OCR, Zone Recognition, etc.) and electronic document conversion. Our team of professionals have over 20 years of experience working with files and documents from most market sources.


When looking for a document, you search key, identifiable information. Each document contains certain elements customers look for right away.

IMA professionals work with customers to identify and create a solid structure for the classification of information. By indexing each document according to preset key information, end users are able to access documents easily and quickly.

Gone are the days of standing in front of the filing cabinet, searching through every folder for the one invoice. Developing a strong taxonomy for retrieval gives end users a powerful productivity tool to perform their job functions more efficiently, always adding to the bottom line.


To ensure the correct capture of key information during the indexing phase of document processing, verification is used to enter data a second time after that data has already been indexed. This ensures the quality of each record before it is ready for delivery. Double-blind key entry provides customers with almost 100% accuracy.

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