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Record Storage

Electronic records are delivered in a variety of ways. For the same cost of delivering a file locally, IM&A can scan 100 pages and send them electronically for storage, collaboration and other, specific needs. Customers who choose to utilize IM&A for total Electronic Document Management can access documents anytime, anywhere through its Internet web service. As an ASP, IM&A permits pre-authorized user access to the most robust electronic document management services delivered via secure, encrypted connections to the Internet. For customers who desire their information delivered by CD-ROM or DVD, IM&A provides a complete information architecture service that makes the ongoing development and delivery of a CD-ROM or DVD library easy.

IM&A has dedicated physical records storage available to all customers. With over 750,000 square feet available 85 feet feet underground, IM&A has the most secure facilities for records storage. Deliverable, secure measures ensure the safe storage, access and retrieval of boxed storage, shelf and file storage and complete asset management. Customers rely on IM&A to store and manage their records for long periods of time, or on an as-needed basis. IM&A also provides confidential shredding options for records expiration. Our climate-controlled and secured access records vaults eliminate virtually all of the risks associated with confidentiality and other regulations that can make self-storage a hassle.

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